“The Climb is Worth It.”


The only mountains I grew up seeing was the Smokey Mountains until I traveled to the Pacific Northwest and my eyes landed on Mt. Rainier. Driving up the road to where my group and I would park the vehicle and hike was gorgeous. There were beautiful waterfalls, lakes and green foliage everywhere. It was beautiful, and although I was excited to hike a little bit, I was content staring out the window at what was going on around me.


When I arrived, there was people walking around, visiting the lodge and tourist shops. I started the hike, easy paved walkways but still hills that soon transformed to rocky paths. I was able to see deer that were like none I have ever seen, flowers that looked like they belong in a Dr. Seuss book and marmots. Marmots, very unique animals that remind me of fat prairie dogs that are actually big squirrels, sit along the paths in the meadows acting as if there were not crowds of people around.


I was able to smell the fresh air, see and hear the animals, look at the flowers close-up and feel the rocks beneath my feet. I was able to sit on a giant rock overlooking a steep drop to where a glacier was until it melted and left a giant cavity in the Earth. I would look up and see the snow capped tops when the clouds will roll past, imagining what it would be like to climb the mountain.

I was content and comfortable in the vehicle going up the mountain to where we would walk, but the beauty there, although safe, had nothing to compare to the beauty that I experienced once I stepped out of my comfort zone and climbed.


I think life is like that, we are comfortable with what we know and there is beauty that surrounds us here. However, there is so much to experience if we just take the time to truly see, not on the screen of a phone or a window, but really taking time to see that even if the climb is hard, it is worth it.


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