“What is He Doing in the Kitchen?”


“What is he doing in the kitchen,” asked a frustrated voice. Christian, standing there in his summer tank top and shorts, was eating a Pop Tart and stirring Kool-Aid. The clock was ticking and it was time to leave but he was dancing, a slow calm dancing that resembled the early morning that it was, getting supplies for the rest of the day.


“What is he doing in the field,” asked a perplexed voice, watching underneath the shade of trees folding laundry from the outside washer and dryers. Christian, dancing, was in a field with no one around. The sun is setting, the blades of grass have grown higher than what is comfortable and a shadow plays across the ground, as if he was dancing with it.


“What is he doing on the dance floor,” asked a voice laced in humor. Christian, shadowed by bright lights, dancing outside at Downtown Disney in Central Florida. Laughter erupts as people latch arms swinging each other around, careful to not step on the small children around them. Christian, smiling and encouraging others to join him, threw back his head in laughter as his friends attempted to dance together, bumping into each other.


What makes Christian special? What makes Christian dancing in the kitchen, in the field or at Disney so unique? It is not the dancing that sets Christian apart; it is the music. The music he hears, not through his headphones or from a DJ, is what makes it wonderful. It is the music he dances to, it is why he dances and what he hears in his head that many do not understand. It is waking up dancing, it is going throughout life dancing and it is drawing others into his joy.


Many may see his dancing and not understand, but that is because they do not hear his music. Christian, his zest for life, his joy that overflows and his ability to enjoy the moment, is the music that plays if one will just listen closely.


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