“I’ll Race Ya!”

“I’ll race ya,’ yelled the battle cry as chubby legs pumped through the grass and rocks running down the hill. Breathing became heavy as feet ran forward but the head was cast in glances to see how close the competitor was. “AGH,” came the yell as the person behind suddenly started catching up, legs pumping harder. All the teasing that led up to this moment caused panic as they realized they would lose.


Suddenly, out of the corner of their eye, came their grandfather, beating them down the hill. The two siblings, once competing, now became one team as their goal shifted from each other to catching their grandfather. Their grandfather, the one they anxiously waited until the afternoon to see when he would get off of work, was home. Driving up, he would walk in the kitchen to smell the food on the table and then head out for chores – feeding and watering the animals, chopping wood, helping tend to the garden, whatever it was that needed to be done.


Two shadows following him around, climbing on fences or matching his stride talking, not even caring if he didn’t respond as much back. Soon enough, the parents will be back to pick them up from at their grandparents, and they would recount the story of how they lost to PawPaw, said in utter shock that they could even lose. However, they never realized at the time that they had truly won.


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