Bite-Size Tips for Cheap Flights


I have heard multiple times of people who are booking tickets for multiple people and as they are watching the screen waiting, the prices are jumping. One ticket internationally was around $700 but the fifth ticket was almost $800. Everyone wants the same thing – Cheap Flights! But how?

Cheap Flights? Here’s some tips!


According to US News and Thrifty Nomads, here are a few bite-size helpful hints!


Book AT LEAST 6 weeks in advance


Best time to look for reduced steats – Night/Early Morning


Best Time to buy: Tuesday, 3pm, Eastern Time


Cheapest Day: Wednesday
Best Time to Fly out: Early!


Don’t always rely on comparison sites
Sign up for free alerts like on


More involced you are with an airline, the cheaper the ticket – include credit cards and frequent-flyer programs


Search for flights on private browsing mode to see the lowest prices – cookies in this case are not a good thing for you


Check out skyscanner for the best flight search engines


Do not book layovers that are far apart


Check out the cheapest countries to fly into with Kayak Explore


Use an agent
See if you can pay in a cheaper currency


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