Tina – A Mother’s Love from Someone Who is not Their Mother


Tina, a woman that no one personally met until four girls boarded an airplane, flew into a place they’ve never been with everything they think they need for two months in their suitcase. What challenges would they face in the desert outside their comfort zones and familiar ways?


A lot.


However, it was never faced alone.


Tina, a woman who helped the girls with their ministry work in Washington, started out as an extra arm and became someone who grew into their heart. Whether it is singing in the car, standing in line at Wendy’s or drinking Dutch Bros. coffee, Tina heard stories of their lives, their weeks and everything in between.


Tina heard of every ailment they had during the summer, every frustration and every time they were hungry when they were around her. She wasn’t from the same state or even from the same part of the nation as them, but she felt like home. Someone who gave hugs and snacks, sometime who encouraged and someone who believed in them.


She was a mom. She was theirs for 2 months. She will forever be loved in the hearts of four girls.


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