Tips to Pack Light


I personally always pack more than I ever need. I start out with one luggage on the way, but on the way back I will have 2 (at least). Here’s some tips I always try to apply when I go seeking new adventures.


  • Outfits for 3 days – Chances are, you will be able to wash clothes or wear the same clothes multiple day
  • Put an outfit together in a ziplock bag and roll it out to make it thinner – You are less tempted to overpack – PLUS you can put your dirty cothes in them
  • Carry an extra outfit in a backpack or carry-on bag that can be a spare or handy in case of loss luggage
  • Coordinate two pairs of shoes for all your outfits
  • Always leave a cavity in your suitcase or carry-on that can be filled with souvenirs on your way back home
  • A light Jacket is must almost anywhere you go
  • Chances are when you are there, you can buy what you didn’t pack –  BUT you can buy traveling size items for shorter trips that are light

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