“Who Wants Potluck?!?”


Maura and her friends, to combat how “clicky” her college can be with Christian people only hanging out with other Christian people instead of reaching out to others, her friends all banded together to make a simple idea turn into lots of laughter, memories and shared cultures. It all started with Potluck….


“We wanted our apartment to be a place where anyone and everyone felt welcome and we could build relationships and share Christ through that time.”


Maura’s college, a small Christian college in North Mississippi, doesn’t have a lot of places to hang out, so Maura and her friends banded together to make their house just that.


“Everyone loves food and it’s easy to have real conversation over a meal so it’s easier to get people to open up and stuff. Most of the time it’s just regular Mississippi food (green beans, potatoes, some kinda meat) just because that’s easy for most people to make.”


However, southern cooking isn’t always on the menu. If someone has something special to their culture or family, they’ll share in that as well. Not just friends are invited.



“We invited everyone. Anyone we ran into on campus or people we see a lot in town like a cashier we would try to be intentional with.”


They make the main meal, more than likely meat, and invite everyone to bring their favorite dish.


Their best potlucks include lots of laughter.


“Our thanksgiving was the biggest one we had and it was all legit thanksgiving food. We had a turkey and everything and it was just a huge party and it was awesome, but Christmas was REALLY fun!


We had dirty Santa and somehow almost everyone ended up getting a menorah because we all have the same sense of humor apparently and thought it would be ironic. So everyone got menorahs and later we turned on this super old Christmas record on our player and one of our friends who is SUPER COUNTRY apparently knows how to swing dance and started trying to teach us. So we ended up having a dance party too!”


Imagine the possibilities you can have if you just invite people over for potluck!



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