“Why is Fancy Standing in the Road?”

“Why is Fancy Standing in the Road?”

“Why is Fancy in the road,” screeched a voice laced in panic. Fancy, a woman who lives behind a local church in small town Mississippi, lives with her husband and their pet dog in a cozy house next to an open lot. As the youth ministry in the local church grew, so did their desire to host the teenagers in their home. What started as one day grew to twice a week as the teenagers would flood the house, making themselves at home.

Fancy and her husband would sometimes cook for the teenagers but always be there to talk to them, invest in them and pray for them. As prom night neared, Fancy went to look at the seniors take photos near the railroad tracks. A truck was driving down the road and saw the students, but the students didn’t see the truck. Fancy stood in the road until the last student walked to the other side on the shoulder. Then she nonchalantly joined them.

Of course, watching Fancy stand in the road with her light pink shirt and a smile on a face caused instant panic. However, Fancy thought nothing of it. Fancy didn’t save a life that day. She didn’t push a child out of oncoming traffic or another other crazy act of love we often read about it. No, that isn’t Fancy’s story for this season of her life.

Fancy’s story is one of radical love, a persistent ordinary person that creates extraordinary results. It is opening the door smiling, listening, praying, watching them play sports and believing in them. Fancy and her husband may not have a plaque on the wall of their achievements from helping this church, may not have a building dedicated to them at a school or even for people all across the world to know their name, but for the teenagers that flood their house, they have found a second home in the love of Fancy, her husband and their dog.


Because a radical love isn’t just a one-time instance, but it is a daily choice that those around you are more important than yourself.